Meet me

Hello, I'm Andrea and I am the main force behind VALIS. I do not have a strong presence on social media or self-promotion portals, both because I mostly enjoying doing stuff, prototyping and hacking things than promoting myself on the social media world. But since you got here you deserve to know the story about how VALIS came to be.

I started my work career in Emerasoft, a company that specializes in technologies and processes around software development. In this sense my working attitude has been shaped around the value of the interaction among the members of an organization and how the way the communication happens shapes the culture, identity and life of an organization.

Moving on I began my digital nomad lifestyle by co-founding (Tag Your Knowledge), a start-up that had as a core value and proposition the search for meaning in the relationships embedded in unstructured data silos. This has been an invaluable experience in developing and bring to market a software platform .

After was acquired I begun my journey within the Blockchain industry, where I had (and have) the possibility to engage with new an complex problems and embrace the very soul of the blockchain philosophy: decentralization. The decentralization in the blockchain culture is often pursued also on the organization level and digital communication is the foundation upon which the decentralization is built.


I have have witness for very long time organization struggling with a patterns of problems and I want to do something about it.